Sunday 4 September 2016

Ahem! Your deadline approaches...

Monday 5th September is shaping up to be an exciting day, not to mention a very pleasant slide back into 'proper' work after the summer holidays. 
It's the deadline (9am, just in case inspiration strikes in the wee hours) for my competition to win five books of your choice from my wonderfully generous publisher at Urbane Publications. And once I've sifted through the entries to steal choose the questions for the fliers to accompany copies of Glass Houses for use in book groups, and the husband (to ensure no jiggery-pokery) has chosen an entry from the hat to be our prize winner, then it's off to Bakewell in Derbyshire for a bit of a chat, a coffee and some cake. 
As there's still time to enter the competition and because you're all exceedingly welcome to join us tomorrow night in Bakewell, I thought I'd paste the salient information below. 
By the way, you don't have to have read Glass Houses to enter the competition, nor to come along tomorrow night. 
So, to win your choice of five books from the Urbane Publications catalogue, please enter:

either (1) a question about Glass Houses you feel would spark discussion in a book group 
Or (2) a question you'd put to a specific Glass Houses character if they were sitting in front of you 
Or (3) the name of at least one of the Urbane titles you'd like to win and a sentence explaining why.  

*Competition closes:
9 am Monday 5 September*

  • You can insert your question in a comment below, email it to me here or post it on Facebook or Twitter (@jaxbees).
  • You can enter as many questions as you like - each question = one entry.
  • If you feel your question may include 'spoilers' (ie you'll give some of the plot away) please choose the email option. 
  • The winner of their choice of books will be chosen at random and the best question – or questions - will be included on the flier.   
  • Glass Houses is available direct from Urbane Publications and Amazon and to buy or order from book shops.
  • For more about Urbane Publications and its titles, click here.

Good luck!

If you're free to join us tomorrow night:
Where: at The Bakewell Book & Gift Shop, Matlock Street, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1EE. View their website here
When: 8pm Monday 5th September
What: a brief talk about me and Glass Houses followed by a reading and Q&A. More than happy to sign books if that's of interest.
Anything else? Coffee, cake and a 10% discount on Glass Houses and Tea and Chemo.   
RSVP not strictly necessary but I'd love to know if you're able to make it :)
Hope to see you in either the competition, the book shop, or both. 
Happy September every one!


  1. My question for a book group would be,
    When you see the sensationalised headlines in the media, how do you react and do you believe everything you read?

    1. Brilliant! Thanks for the great entry - and good luck!

  2. I would really like to win your book, Glass Houses as I am now intrigued and NEED to read it!! ( I mean seriously need to read it! The premise will now play over and over in my head until I get my hands on a copy! )

    1. Awwww! It's so wonderful when someone gets so excited about your book :) Very best of luck to you - at least the wait won't be too long...

  3. Scoutfinch! I've just had a look at your gorgeous website. Some great book reviews on there. I'm sorry you didn't win the competition :( but if you'd like an ARC of Glass Houses, I'm sure my publisher would be happy to send one to you. Just let me know!


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