Monday 24 October 2011

Bloghop: Dodging Detention

Today, I’m taking part in Haley Whitehall’s blog hop. Officially it took place on Saturday but I thought I’d give everyone else a chance to hop and then keep it going into the week. In truth, I’m afraid my weekend took over and now I feel like I forgot to hand in my homework so am doing my best to dodge a detention. How am I doing so far? You can help by popping over to the participants’ blogs and having a read, they’re all worth it.  If you like what you read, please do comment.

You can read more about the blog hop here.
Here are the participants:

Amber West

And I need to nominate three further blogs which I’d particularly recommend. Three! I’ve done this in the past, generally with numbers of ten so some of you will know how much I squirm, even when choosing larger numbers. I’m going to list the first three which spring to mind but with a promise to try to work out how to list all those I’d recommend in a nifty little link on the edge of my blog. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages and it might help assuage some of the guilt of those missing from my list here. I would never make a judge, if this is anything to go by, would be more emotional than Kitty Brucknell - OK, a close call perhaps.

My three, in no particular order, are… Nicola Morgan’s witty and hugely helpful site on all things to do with writing and getting published. Sometimes serious, often witty, brilliantly observed and never, ever disappoints. One word: dry. Ok, ok, I don’t do succinct even though I try – and it’s beautifully written, always.
Thanks Hayley. And I’m very sorry for handing this in late…


  1. Thanks, Jackie!

    Love the new blog layout, by the way. I keep meaning to give mine a revamp, but am a horrible creature of habit at heart.

    I have the blog roll down the side of my site - partly to promote the blogs I like but also 'cause it's a great way to see when one of my (favourite) bloggers has updated. It's difficult to keep up - and certainly impossible using Google Reader etc., as there are just too many. But the side bar thing keeps me at least following a smaller number of blogs more regularly.

    Three... could I condense those into three? Eeek!

  2. Thanks Sandie and I'm really glad you like the new layout. I only went in to move a few pictures around and got a bit carried away...
    Good news is that I've listed some blogs, bad news is that I can't get the list off the bottom of the page. I think I've reached my limit of tags on the side. But it's a start!

  3. So agree about Nicola Morgan's blog. Will check the others out later.

  4. Jackie,

    Don't worry about handing it in late. Blog hops are not graded. Thank you again for participating.

    Now I'm off hopping to your recommended sites. I love the look of your blog. I will be back later to look around.

  5. Hi Jo, another fan of Nicola's conscientious dedication to the unpublished author! I hope you enjoy the other links. Thanks for taking a look over here and for following my blog :)

  6. Thanks Hayley, and I'm not in trouble, phew :) I'm really pleased you like the layout of this blog as I only recently changed it so it's good to know it's working. I hope you managed to get a look at the other blogs, hope you agree they're great. Many thanks for organising the Blog Hop. I know these things often end up a much bigger task than first planned.


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