Monday 15 May 2023

On the Move

Hello, oh lovely readers who kept me company here for many, many years, not least, through the darker days. 

You know, after my tumultuous news of the secondary cancer reversal, ie the stuff of dreams with bells on, I got a bit stuck. I published the odd post going forward but somehow it felt as though the blog had turned into something about living with cancer, and that wasn't true anymore. If I've ever got close to 'Writers' Block' - I ain't really got time for that - it was then. 

So, roll on a few pretty dormant years, as far as blogging is concerned, and I've discovered Substack. This place to host a blog type newsletter has become my new home and I'm exceedingly happy to say, it is now boasting my very first post: Nice News

I would LOVE to see you again. If you'd like to read the odd post, read every one and/or even subscribe (for free), and anything in between, then please click: Nice News to pop on over. I'll be waiting with some custard biscuits (yes, they exist, they are THE BEST, maybe I'll post the recipe on Substack some day...) and a steaming hot cuppa. 

Dum de dum de dum... drums fingers... Nice News 😊