Sunday 14 August 2016

Five Free Books and a Question

Sometimes I look at myself as I race through the to-do list to free up an imaginary spare hour in which I may, perhaps, be able to read, and think that it's a funny pastime: here I go, lamenting that there aren't enough hours in the day and yet I willingly use precious lots of them to propel myself into another reality. 
Some recent gems
And then I start reading books like these, some of my favourites of this year, and the world sort of melts around me as I read the first page and slide into a brilliantly told story. When I know this read is going to be breath-taking, stirring, preferably amusing, generally thoughtful and, of course, I'm falling in love with the characters, that's when I know why I spend more time (and money) on books than I'd care to admit.
If, like me, resistance to the potential for a life-affirming read is futile, you might be interested to know that I have a competition running in this blogpost and the prize is not one, but *five* books of your choice from the entire list of fiction and non-fiction titles in the wonderful Urbane Publications', collection. That's a choice of 78 books – and counting.

But we're not going to make it that easy for you.

Hearing that people have enjoyed Glass Houses warms my heart and the line which often tickles me, is the one about it being a great book group read. Oh, how I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that one! In light of this, we are going to be providing fliers to book groups with a list of questions about Glass Houses to get them started.
Just a few of my Urbane Titles.
More on my iPad's TBR...
And who would be the best people to come up with a list of questions about the book? My loyal readers!
So, to enter the draw for your pick of five books, please provide: 
Either (1) a question about Glass Houses you feel would spark discussion in a book group
Or (2) a question you'd put to a specific Glass Houses character if they were sitting in front of you
Or (3 - if the above seems a little too like a piece of GCSE English homework) the name of at least one of the Urbane titles you'd like to win and a sentence explaining why.  
*Competition closes: Monday 5 September*
  • You can insert your question in a comment below, email it to me here or post it on Facebook or Twitter (including @jaxbees).
  • You can enter as many questions as you like - each question = one entry.
  • If you feel your question may include 'spoilers' (ie you'll give some of the plot away) please choose the email option. 
  • The winner of their choice of books will be chosen at random and the best question – or questions - will be included on the flier.   
  • If you haven't read Glass Houses, you still have time! The closing date is 9am on Monday 5th September. 
  • Glass Houses is available direct from Urbane Publications and Amazon and to buy or order from book shops.
  • For more about Urbane Publications and its titles, click here.
Good luck!

If you would like to ask a question in person, I'd love to answer it for you. I will be signing books and hosting a Q and A session at Blackwell's in Leeds on Saturday 17th September from 2pm.
And I'll be doing similar in Bakewell Bookshop in Derbyshire on Monday 5th September (evening). More details to follow, including news of events in Cardiff (15th October), Ripon and Harrogate.

* In the event of the winning entry coming from outside the UK, the prize must be taken as eBooks.


  1. What was the initial occurence that changed lives and how did it affect individual characters both positively and negatively?

  2. Love it! Great starter, thanks Sue!

  3. Tory is piloried and hounded by the press but to what extent to we, the public influence the press to do what they do or do they influence us to think what we think?

  4. OOps sorry, spelt the poor woman's name wrong, should have said Tori not Tory and also meant to say "extent do we" not "to we". Anyway that is my question!!

  5. Thanks for both comments, Lyn, and don't worry, I knew what you meant. Corker of a question, thank you!

  6. I've had some great entries this week (funny and clever) via email - please keep them coming. They make me smile :)

  7. Don't we all make mistakes when driving - have you honestly never exceeded the speed limit on a familiar road? Or, bumped into a car while reversing (and driven away)? The themes of guilt and forgiveness are central to "Glass Houses." Has the novel changed your perception of the way we, as a society, view and deal with those of us who make split-second decisions with potentially devastating consequences?

  8. Some great questions here and via email, thanks all! You have until 9am on Monday 5th September to enter and don't forget that multiple entries are very much allowed. Good luck!


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