Tuesday 19 December 2017

Just Treatment

After a bit of a turnaround, I've found myself getting involved with an exciting and growing organisation, Just Treatment, who are challenging large pharmaceuticals to lower the cost of maintenance and life-saving treatments so that they are affordable to the NHS. I'm not one to rush in, keen to research whether there's another side to the story and here, I thought the flip side of lowering prices would be that there would be no innovation in the future because the big pharmaceuticals wouldn't be able to fund it. 

Phew, I was wrong, very wrong. 

Every single one of us would benefit directly, or indirectly, if the large pharmaceuticals lowered their prices. And here's the thing: they'd still stay in business, they'd still make a tidy profit, they'd still research and invest. I think that from small acorns great oaks can grow and this initiative may not only prolong and save lives on an individual level, but also save vital funds for the NHS for all of us. Intrigued? Find out more here. And here's a link to my story. 


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