Monday 7 August 2017

I'm Going to be Here

I'm looking forward to being involved in Feva, the Knaresborough Arts Festival 2017, in its 21st year, on Tuesday 15th August at 7pm. Please join us for a Q&A and book signing, or rather, a big chat with a spot of wine. 
I sincerely love meeting and chatting with readers so do please come and say hello if you live anywhere in or close to these northern climes. 

And I had a great time here...
Many thanks to the multi-talented computer fixer, dad extraordinaire, all round funny guy, chef and photographer, Stuart Lawrence, for the photos from Newark Lit Fest in July. I had a giggle chatting with Cathy Bramley and Eve Makis to the lovely Tina Bettison and a lively, engaged and very knowledgeable audience. Thanks so much to all who attended.


  1. Thank you for the mention Jackie. You are very welcome.

    Ps You forgot to mention Astronaut, Lion Tamer, Giant killer and Unicorn farmer though.

    1. I know - I just thought that if I included everything, people might think I was making it up... ;)


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