Thursday 29 June 2017

Something from Nothing...

Just a few...
I'd love to say that over the past few weeks of testing my children through their extraordinary stack of home-made flash cards for their A-levels and Year 12 revision, that I've learnt much about their subjects ranging from Klingon (sorry, I mean, Physics) to m=squarerootof 94061tothepowerof9-[c/theta&delta]minussomethingelseendingin'ta', to post-modernists and naturalists and how they disagree. No, I can't pretend I've learnt a single scrap of new stuff but admit that it's nice to finally be able to help my children with their school work for the first time since they were about three.

Nonetheless, this plunge into the most enormously far removed world of writing I usually frequent, has reminded me of a question which has spun around my mind for as long as I can remember. It's a strange question in itself for someone with such a blatant disinterest in science which lasted the entire extent of my school days - and some. It took me into my forties to generate anything like enthusiasm for understanding 'how it all works' and I blame my head-long collision into cancer for that as I do like to understand at least some of what they tell me.

You can't make stars from nothing.
So, the question is this: just where did the first cell come from? Yes, I know, the algae thing and the Big Bang and blackness and that Stephen Hawking stuff. But it's not that. It's the before the before, the very start, the absolute nothingness - where did that come from? How can something form from nothingness, how can nothing end up in a big bang? How was the ‘nothingness' formed? 

No one has ever answered that for me and although I believe in God the Spirit which guides us and *can* make us do the right thing, I don’t personally believe in God the Creator and certainly not as creator of the universe. But I admit that the theory of something forming from nothing, the scientific theory, isn't any more plausible to me.  

Is there anyone out there who actually feels confident that they can explain how nothing came from nothing? Or is this a question which is just too big even for the most brilliant of minds? 

Your thoughts are most welcome and meanwhile, I'd love to hear your questions, the ones you've never had answered - not that I'll be able to answer them, of course. Meanwhile, it's back to fictitious worlds and oddball characters for me. 


  1. If anyone will know the answer, it's Brian Cox. I would ask him if I were you.

  2. Ha! Nice idea, Carole, but I think he'd just say that after billions of years of nothing, stars were formed (and brilliantly explain how the stars formed) which is hugely clever and impressive but doesn't answer my question about the formation of the nothing... you see my problem?!?!

  3. No, I don't get it either, and another thing how does space go on for ever, surely it must have an edge somewhere on what's on the other side of that?? Just asking!


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