Thursday, 17 November 2016

Jumped Ship

Just popping in to say that I've jumped ship to a different blog today. I'm over on 'BiblioManiac', Katherine Sunderland's wonderful book review site. I'm talking about Glass Houses via some new and exceedingly clever questions such as 'the most difficult character to write' and 'what's the deal with the glass??'

And here's a link to Katherine's review of Glass Houses which brought me to real, big fat tears because this is exactly what I'd hoped people would find in the novel. Thank you so much, Katherine, the review alone must have taken hours.

Meanwhile, I'm still stuck on 6,000+ words of The Tree House (more about this here) but today is the day that I change that. So I shall leave you in the eloquent hands of Katherine and continue tapping away in the very much unfinished world of Evelyn, Joan and Bea. 

Have a wonderful week, whether you're a NaNo writer, or way too sane for that. 


  1. Ok over I go....... to Katherine's site!

    1. Might want to get yourself a cuppa... (You know my motto, why use one word when you can use ten...???)

  2. I urge everyone to read this bibliomaniac ! What a brilliant interview from questions to answer ! It'll make you want to read the book if you haven't already ?


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