Thursday, 25 February 2016

Retreat West hosts Tea and Chemo

unsatisfactory words bound for recycling
As my head is deep in editing at the moment, forgive me for flying in just to let you know that the wonderful Amanda Saint over at Retreat West has interviewed me about Tea and Chemo (with a dash of Glass Houses) for her blog. Her questions were excellent, really made me think, so I hope you'll found the responses interesting. You can view the post here.

Meanwhile, I'm back to *almost* the final edit of Glass Houses, deleting 'turn' and 'saw', 'then' and, 'just' (forgive me for allowing one of the 205 - oh the shame - occurrences of 'just' to sneak into this post) and searching for different words for 'smile'. Wish me luck! I have three days… 

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