Thursday 5 April 2012

How much will-power?

Please excuse the departure from the usual rough and tumble of this blog as I attempt to earn myself a nice little prize for my daughter’s to-die-for caramel slices. Ok, we’ll share the prize…

The story goes that my eldest, age 13, is always pipped to the cooking post by her younger sister who, somehow, has got into the habit of cooking a meal for the entire family of four, every Wednesday night. No, there was absolutely no bribery involved and yes, I have offered to be her sous-chef on several occasions and she never takes me up on it.

On this occasion, the house was otherwise empty, the coast clear and my eldest set about making these caramel slices. I should add here that I am not a big sweets person, would much rather have a sandwich than a cake, much to my three sisters’ annoyance. But these slices were creamy and gooey and crumbly and well, frankly, very hard to resist.

Instead of straightening her hair before school the next morning, my daughter set about assembling the slices on a plate. 8am came quicker than expected, as it has a habit of doing, and she shot out of the door, her wavy hair flailing behind her, asking that I cover up the caramel slices and put them away for tea. “Don’t eat any,” she called. “I’ve counted them.”

I have to ask at this point, just how much will-power does she think I have?

Tell me, what foods do you find impossible to resist?

So, this is my entry for the Bosch dishwasher competition and many thanks to Scottish Mum for posting the competition. I’ve just stumbled across her blog and it’s wonderful (saying that doesn't help me win, honest), it's full of serious and not so serious topics. You can find her at Fancy entering? Just follow the link but hurry, the closing date is 6 April. 


  1. Those look fabulous to me. I would think those would be devoured in one night in my house. x

  2. Thank you! I have to say that I did resist - but only till she got home :) Thanks for dropping by. I really enjoy your foodie blog and all the other subjects too!


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